The Qiso Isometric Game Engine for Solar2D

Qiso (pronounced key-so), is an isometric tilemap engine for Solar2D, a cross platform Lua based programming framework for creating 2D mobile and desktop games.

Qiso provides an array of intuitive functions for loading in and interacting with isometric tile maps. It handles the complexity of converting between screen, cartesian and isometric co-ordinates, allows you to programmatically add or remove tile layers at any time, define menu driven actions, and add player or machine controlled characters. It takes care of map rendering, camera movement/zoom, and has built-in A* pathfinding algorithms. In a nutshell you can load in a map, add some items and characters and control character movement or player interaction with items, tiles, or other characters without having to understand isometric programming. Put your efforts into designing great games and let us know what you come up with.